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Shopware plugins

H1 webdevelopment is one of the most active Dutch Shopware partners in the development of Shopware plugins, links and extensions. You can find some of our extensions in the Shopware Store, but we can also create them specifically for you if you wish.

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What Shopware plugins are available?

Alongside the extensive basic functionality of Shopware 6, you will find many different plugins in the Shopware Store. Think for example of integrations with payment service providers, shipping parties and email marketing platforms. Additionally, you will also find many front and back-end functionalities or integrations with ERP, WMS and Pim systems.

Need something for your Shopware 6 shop? Let us know. We’d be happy to make it for you. Would you like to have an extension, plugin or connector with Shopware 6 for your system or service? Then we would also be happy to develop that for you. Upon request, we will make sure that this is offered via the Shopware Store. We also offer our own plugins in the Shopware Store. Below are some examples. With these plugins, you can make your shop even more complete!


Blog including shopping experience

This plug-in is a must for any content marketer who wants to harness the power of blogs. Having engaging content on your website is essential these days, a feature that Shopware 6 currently lacks. The blog plug-in fills this need. This plug-in allows you to create an unlimited number of blog posts.

Additionally, you can easily add a real shopping experience in your blogs, so full integration! The plug-in includes features for SEO, such as the URL for blog posts, SEO titles and SEO descriptions.

Cross sell and upsell products (incl. checkout sales)

cross sell and upsell products

Do you want to earn more from visitors to your webshop? This plugin will help you increase your customer value. Using the plugin, visitors are shown multiple cross- or upsell options when they add something to their shopping cart. You can easily select options or have them generated automatically based on your product category. What are you waiting for?

Administration List Filters


This plugin gives you the option to apply multiple filters to the list pages in the administration. In return this makes sorting customers or orders clearer and searching faster.

This feature adds filters to the customer and order list. You can think of a sales channel filter and consumer filter in your customer list. With your order list you get filters such as: sales channel, order status, delivery status and transaction status.

Variants list on product detail page

Variants List On Product Detail Page

The Variant List On Product Detail Page is designed to make your products tabular. You get to see the products side by side making options clearer, making it easier for your customer to choose.

Block Unlimited Products Shopping experience

Block Unlimited Products Shopping experience

The Block Unlimited Products Shopping experience is designed to show more than three products in your slider. As a matter of fact, this plugin allows you to show 4, 5 or even 6 products. In your slider your customers will see multiple options, which will increase the conversion rate. By doing so you make it easy for your customer to see all the possibilities.

Mega Menu


The ‘Mega Menu’ makes the menu more user-friendly, through multiple options. You can now show more products in your menu. Additionally, you can also expand the menu with up to four levels of navigation! Make the menu fun with various icons for the different categories.

Print Order Confirmation In Checkout

Print Order Confirmation in Checkout

When your customer wants to print an order confirmation, it automatically adds the header and footer. With this plugin, your customer gets a clean version of the order confirmation page, with no ugly URLs on the page.

Product Review Manager

Product Review Manager

With this Shopware plugin, you can adjust reviews as a shop administrator. You can ensure that reviews that have been placed incorrectly are removed. Your customer can also let you know whether they find a review interesting or not. This way you can easily increase the interaction with your customer.

KvK (Chamber of Commerce) business registry search (Netherlands)

Thanks to this plugin you make it easier for your customers to fill in all fields during registration or purchase. A connection is made with the trade register and all fields are automatically completed.

How can you purchase the plugins?

Shopware logo

Through the Shopware Shop, you can purchase and download the plugins. They are easily installed. If you need further help with this you can always contact us.

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Where can I download the extensions?

Via you can find all of our extensions, ready to download. You can also search through the Shopware marketplace for our plugins.

How do I install an extension?

Add the extension to your cart and continue to buy. Then the extension will be automatically in your webshop and you can configure it immediately.

I need help with my extension, what do I do?

If you are facing any problems with our extension, then please get in contact via de support in your Shopware account. We are going to help you out.

Is there a trial available?

For each extension there is a trial of 30 days. You can test the extension in this period and use it as you would like to. Ideas or suggestions? We would love to hear your feedback.